Monday, December 13, 2010

[nidokidos] attention Pakistani Students - Fake story of Ammar Afzal


Fake story of Ammar Afzal
Hi friends

The above given story of Ammar afzal was printed in some of Pakistani News Paper without authentication. Also
in Hasb-e-Haal, dr Aftab iqbal read this story without any authentication or confirmation. The whole story is baseless and
shameful for all pakistani students.
Ammar Afzal claims that he is an employee of Microsoft and working as MD , (Managing Director of Microsoft)
Also claims that he has made world records in Mysql Oracle. also claims that he is studying in standford university USA.
and also claims that he is taking pay of hundreds of thousands dollars per year from Microsoft.

These days he is visiting Universities , and meeting students and professors there.
a few days back he visited BZU Multan.

The whole story of Ammar Afzal is base less. the man is a big fraud. plz be aware from that person.
also speard this message to all your Pakistani friends , specially to all students.

I have investigated about Ammar Afzal personally and found that all of his claims are false and baseless.
see this link

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